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Amber Ridinger's Valentine Looks for Day & Night

by Lindsey Holder February 6, 2012

V-Day Looks By Amber


Who better to select day and night looks for Valentine's Day than a well-known fashionista Amber Ridinger, daughter of Loren Ridinger (Senior VP of retail giant Market America  and Internet mogul) and fashion blogger!


Look stunningly stylish for your amour this Valentine's Day with these looks hand selected by Amber:


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Hot Mom Alert - How A Real Mom Stays Fit!

by Lindsey Holder January 24, 2012

Hot Mom Stays in Shape


It's fun to hear the tricks of the trade on how celeb moms stay fit. However, there's nothing better than to hear the inside scoop & tips on a REAL working mom staying in ROCKI'N shape!


My motivation when I hit my gym? It's called...Shannon!


Shannon is a busy mom of 2 precious girls, full time teacher, wife and twin sister! She can beat me in spin class, rock a tank top like no other and has guns of steel!


Of course I had to get the skinny on how this superwoman handles it all (and basically just wanted the scoop on how to look as FAB as she does, lol!)


Here's Shannon's fit and healthy tips!


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My TV Moment: Lifetime Rocks!

by Lindsey Holder January 10, 2012

Ready for My Close Up


A national spot on Lifetime's AM talk show, The Balancing Act, to talk about Remington's i-LIGHT Pro...Sweeeet! One of the mah- jor perks of being a National Style Ambassador for Remington - LOVE!

Too good to keep to myself, here is a sneak peek inside my trip for Lifetime TV!


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NY Eve Hairstyle: THE Classic Twist

by Lindsey Holder December 27, 2011

Audrey Hepburn

Flaunt a classic up do this New Year's Eve with a classic twist!



Beverly Waddell, owner of Salon Beverly & always in the know shares how to get this classic look in 3 easy steps!


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Silver & Red Candy Cane Nails

by Lindsey Holder December 20, 2011

Candy Cane Nails


Originally on our Remington Red Chair HOT LINKS for Candy Cane Nails, I was inspired to find a different version using another festive Holiday color…our friend SILVER.



Dani Taylor from Salon Beverly created this DYI  Red & Silver Candy Cane manicure. Let your nails be the star at your upcoming Holiday party!


1} Apply two coats of OPI Radiance


2} Select one nail on each hand to be your CANDY CANE  nail! Do simple white stripes on that nail with a white Nail Art {can be picked up at any beauty supply store like Sally’s


3}On the Candy Cane nail, go back and fill in smaller stripes with a RED nail art. Apply with a clear top and …VOILA.


Holiday. Nail. Perfection.

Winter Wonderful Capes

by Lindsey Holder November 29, 2011

Leggings…check.  Boots…check check.  Amazing cape ….Chic triple check!  This winter season is the perfect excuse to cozy up in your winter cape. The best part about a cape? You are virtually wearing a blanket and looking like a style icon while doing it! These top Fashion bloggers know their capes, so I went straight to the source. Wrap up this winter in cashmere, cotton & warmth!

Winter Wonderful Capes

1)  J.Crew - The Great Caper
Blog Source: Cupcakes & Cashmere (@byemily)


2) Intermix  - Rachel Zoe :
Blog Source: SuddenLee (@shopsuddenlee)


3) Tahari’s  - Layered Bow Cape from Macy’s:
Blogger: dumpyourfrump (p.s. GREAT blog title!) (@dumpyourfrump)


4) ASOS  - blue cape with fur trim
Blog Source: shefinds (@shefinds)


5) Look in the Letterbox Cape
Blog Source: Me! Love this find at ModCloth. (@savvyassistants)


~Cozy~Trendy~Winter Wonderful




Turning Strangers Into Friends With Founder Caryln Shaw

by Lindsey Holder November 8, 2011

Intrigued by this new organization, I turned to Founder Carlyn Shaw to get the deets on what Turning Strangers Into Friends was all about!

Turning Strangers Into Friends

What exactly is Turning Strangers into Friends?
Carlyn: TSIF is the way I live my life and manifest my dreams. Every single person we have in our life was at one point, a “stranger”… so who are we to judge the person standing next to us in any given moment.

I believe we are all connected. We can choose to walk around with blinders on, unaware of the people around us. OR, we can be open to the opportunities that cross our path every day.


People = Possibilities. 

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5 Budget Friendly Runway Trends This Season

by Lindsey Holder October 25, 2011

Want to rock those pricey Runway trends for less this season? Count me in!!

Fab’rik clothing store to the rescue. This trendy boutique is my go to for the latest trends-and all under $100!

Check out these 5 Favs for less from the Runway!

Fall Trends to Try
1) Faux it up!
Faux fur all the rage (& perfect for this pescatarian). Cozy up with faux this season
Pair with jeans or as an add-on to your latest dress.

2) Faux leather
{Classic style over a basic tee}
Wear over a  printed dress
{Perfect over a flowy blouse & leggings}

3)Scarf central.
A little red, a little green, a little…whatever color your fashion heart desires!
This season you can replace your necklace with a BOLD statement color instead.

4) Jeans-skinny it up!
A lifted toosh is the BEST accessory. Life those cheeks up with a little help, like 7 jeans!

5) Boots galore
Of course you must strut in style. How about a fold-over zipper boot?  Be one of the first taking over this new trend.