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#SmokeySleek Tutorial

by Evie December 16, 2015


Hey Everyone! This Evie from LongHairPrettyNails and I'm today's guest blogger for Remington. In this video, I'm going to show you how I created this #GlamorousMe sultry smokey eye makeup look with nude lip. I'm also going to show you guys I achieved this side braid sleek hairstyle using the T|Studio Protect Straightener. It's easy and perfect for the holidays! I really hope you guys enjoy this tutorial. To see more beauty content and tutorials, head over to my blog LongHairPrettyNails and my YouTube channel LongHairPrettyNails



Learn more about the T|Studio PROtect Flat Iron


Holiday Fashion Ideas

by Remington Ready December 2, 2014


You’ve probably picked out your tackiest, most hideous sweater for your “ugly sweater” party this year. But what are you going to wear to all the other holiday festivities you’ll be attending? Take a look at the cute and cozy outfits below for some ideas that fit the holiday season and are anything but ugly.



Outfit 1: Top, Skirt, Necklace, Clutch, Shoes


Outfit 2: Dress, Clutch, Shoes


Outfit 3: Pants, Sweater, Vest, Necklace, Purse, Shoes

Buying Your Father a Holiday Gift

by RemReadyMan December 16, 2013


Fathers are impossible. That is not an exaggeration and it’s not hyperbolic, it’s simply a fact. 


Your father will not wear that scarf that you thought went well with the coat that he refuses to stop wearing; your father does not like that microbrew, or any microbrew for that matter, he likes something else; your father will not like those gloves that you looked at and thought would make for sturdy shoveling gear; he will not use that drill bit for some reason; he will not wear that hat under any circumstance; he does not want whatever that doohickey is.  


Your father will not like that putter, regardless of your accompanying magazine article included in the card that refers to it as, “The Putting Revolution.” He will not put it in his golf bag. He hates that putter and likes the one he’s been using for the last seven years just fine, thank you very much. 


Here’s how you buy your father a gift: think of something he loved once and then kind of forgot about or no longer has time to enjoy. When he was a younger, what did he love? Did he love Corvettes? Did he love sailing? Did he love golden retrievers? Did he love the circus? Did he love aviation? Did he love Tommy James and the Shondells (“Crimson and Clover”)? Did he love stamps that featured Dwight D. Eisenhower? 


This isn’t saying buy him a sports car, a boat, a dog, or the rarest-available stamp involving former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. It’s to say that a gift that acts to remind him of the things he loved when he was younger is thoughtful, and more importantly, thought provoking. Dads like to be reminded of things such as this. Think about that and you will not come up empty-handed. 


And then pair it, with THIS REMINGTON SHAVER. Because, in my experience, if fathers love anything, it’s a modern, powerful shaver that can replace the one they’ve been using for seven years. 


This shaver will be put in the golf bag. 

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3 Ideas For Fun Holiday Party Looks

by Amelia Vignali December 9, 2013




This outfit is perfect for all of those holiday work parties we are all worrying about finding something festive to wear to. Red is my "go to" for the holidays. Nothing makes a better statement than a classic red dress. Add a simple sweater or jacket like I did here, and you are set to party with your coworkers!




ADD a Statement Piece

When searching for an outfit for a family gathering, adding pieces on the conservative side is key. Pairing a sweater with a skirt is one thing, but adding bold accessories like a hat or tights really completes the look. You want to look put together when seeing all of those distant relatives that you haven't seen since last Christmas!




SKIP the Ugly Sweater

If you are skipping out on that ugly Christmas sweater party with your friends this year and are in need of a look to impress, you are at the right place! Partying with friends around the holidays is a perfect excuse to step out of your comfort zone and be more daring. Try coordinating patterns together that you wouldn't do normally. This fluffy vest paired with velvet embossed pants and royal blue pumps is perfect way to start the new year with your closest friends! 


See more from Amelia on her blog, Bold Meets Basic

Holiday Gifts for Him

by Christian Zaguirre December 17, 2012

Struggling with ideas for what to get the man of the house for the holidays? Well, if it’s not on GearCulture it’s not worth having, so let us take away some of that end-of-year stress with some top tips for your festive shopping…



1. Topo Designs Duffel

Handmade in Colorado, the Topo Designs Duffel ($30) is a bag for just about every occasion and comes in a range of colors to suit all tastes and moods, including silver, black, orange and camo. Stitched from mega-tough 1000d Cordura, with a seat-belt strap, leather handles and duty metal hardware, it’ll stand just about any abuse and looks pretty damned cool slung over the shoulder too. 


2. Nike+ SportWatch GPS

Few know athletics like than Nike and few know  satellite tracking like TomTom, combine the expertise of the two and what do you get? The Nike+ Sportwatch GPS ($170). Every step, twist and turn of your sessions will be collected and calibrated for the ultimate training experience. Water resistant and powered by a rechargeable lithium battery via USB, it’ll track your heart rate and calories burned, and you can even upload your data online and challenge others to beat your personal bests. 


3. Remington FR-750

Featuring pivot and flex technology that allows it to seamlessly follow the contours or your neck, face and chin, the Remington FR-750 ($100) is so good, Santa might just be tempted to finally shave off that white fluff. It’s cordless, the rechargeable battery will last for up to ten days with an hour charge and the pop-up trimmer makes light work of neatening off sideburns and beards too.


4. Bang! Lamp

A very cool, very original idea that looks great too. The Bang! Lamp ($300) not only boasts an elegant, minimalistic pearl white design, but is controlled by a gun. Not a real gun of course, that’d be dangerous, but a remote control one. Of course, you could always not tell him about the gun and have all sorts of fun by surreptitiously killing the light at will and letting him fumble round for that “blown fuse” in the dark.     


5. Worx Semi-Automatic Screw Driver 

Home improvement made so easy, even girls will want to give it a try. The Worx Semi-Automatic Screw Driver ($50) boasts a pair of rapid reload cartridges, yes, machine-gun-like, and even a semi-automatic bit changer. Also, there’s a built-in LED light for those who like to do their screwing in the dark, and a 4V lithium battery that can hold its charge for a ridiculously impressive 18 months.  


6. Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter

It’s safe for all over the age of 8, but let’s face it, he’ll be having far too much fun with this to ever let the kids get anywhere near it. The Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter ($185) is a lightweight water propulsion machine that can be used in pools, lakes or the sea. One and half hour charge and capable of plunging to a depth of 15.5 feet, it’ll do 2 mph, which may not sound fast, but it’s not bad in the wet and certainly a hell of a lot quicker than his breast-stroke.


7. Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS

Verging on indestructible, this is a camera of near super-hero capabilities, the ideal gift if your man fancies himself as an action photographer and/or is a bit of a klutz. Bursting with countless settings, all sorts of gadgetry and video-recording capabilities, the Olympus Tough TG-1 ($400) produces high-end images and is also waterproof, shockproof, crushproof, dustproof and freezeproof. They’re not lying either, we had all sorts of fun testing out those brags, though not sure the camera did.


8. Jawbone Big Jambox 

With a sound that is as epic as its aesthetics, the Jawbone Big Jambox ($300) is the perfect festive gift for your music-loving man. With its incredible gadgetry, it will turn any phone or tablet into a blood pumping sound system and boasts a rechargeable battery that will last up to 15 hours, which should cover just every party wherever it may be. A built-in mic even allows for calls and Skype and its online capabilities means that the latest apps are only a click away. 


9. Pinnacle Foosball Coffee Table

Possibly the most man-friendly piece of furniture ever made. The Pinnacle Foosball Coffee Table ($510) is a cool, quality piece built from solid hardwoods, with each individual player expertly hand carved and lovingly hand painted. Want to finally get him to start using those coasters? Then buy him one of these, trust us, he’ll love you for it.


10. ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A

Tough, but unimaginably slender with a gorgeous metal finish of precision etched concentric circles, the award-winning ASUS Zenbook Prime UX31A ($1,200-$1,400) packs some serious hardware into a very, very compact space. One of the top notebooks out there from one of the top brands, it’s fueled by the 3rd generation Core i7 processor with Intel Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz, has audio by Bang & Olufsen and features a 6GB Solid State Drive. Weighing in at less than three pounds, it’s the ultimate machine for the ultimate man on the go.

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Holiday Gifts for Her

by Remington Ready December 10, 2012

As the holidays rapidly approach, you may find yourself fresh out of gift ideas for your mom, best friend, or girlfriend. There is nothing worse than feeling stressed out around the holidays, so here are a few gift ideas for that special woman in your life.



1. iPhone Case - A girl can never have too many iPhone cases. For protection and an adorable pattern, you can’t go wrong. The website, has thousands of prints available as iPhone cases or skins. 



2. Turnlock Checkbook Wallet - This classic wallet is adorable with a turn-lock ornament on the front. It will hold everything a girl could need, and fits snuggly in her bag. 



3. A.V. Max Wire Word Bracelet – This delicate “Love” bracelet is the perfect gift for that special girl in your life. It comes in “Love”, “Believe”, and “Dream”. 



4. Half-Dozen Egg Crate - For the girl with tons of jewelry? This stoneware egg crate is perfect for all of those small pieces. It will organize and keep all of her jewelry safe, and will look great sitting on her vanity!



5. Draped Sequin Tee - This sequin knit top is the ideal holiday party top. It will keep your favorite girl warm and stylish all winter long. 



6. Xhilaration Pajama Set - A new pajama set is a classic holiday gift. This charming pattern makes for a great gift for any girl.



7. Two-Toned Leather Tablet Case - Is a girl in your life getting a tablet for the holidays? Complete the gift with this two-toned leather tablet case. It comes in this purple/navy combination, and four other colors. 



8. Aerie Marled Faux Fur Snood - Faux fur is all the rage. This scarf is reversible with a knit pattern on one side, and faux fur on the other. Warm and so chic!  



9. Holiday 15-Piece Nail Polish Set - This limited edition Holiday 15-piece Nail Polish Set has every winter nail color a girl could need. Extra bonus – the price is unbeatable! 



10. Tartan Mug Set - This seasonal mug set has such a sweet pattern that is ideal for the holiday season. You could even complete the gift with a package of your favorite cocoa or coffee. 


Amber Ridinger's Valentine Looks for Day & Night

by Lindsey Holder February 6, 2012

V-Day Looks By Amber


Who better to select day and night looks for Valentine's Day than a well-known fashionista Amber Ridinger, daughter of Loren Ridinger (Senior VP of retail giant Market America  and Internet mogul) and fashion blogger!


Look stunningly stylish for your amour this Valentine's Day with these looks hand selected by Amber:


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How To Have a Perfectly Stylish Casual Christmas

by Tammy Gibson December 23, 2011

Casual Christmas



Planning to stay home for Christmas this year?  Make the best of it, create some memories, cuddle by the fire and take some great pictures to preserve the memory! Dress casual and comfy with the same twist of personality you should be wearing every time you get dressed!  The key to a chic casual look for a stylish casual Christmas is a great sweater!  (And, I’m not speaking of a sweater with a reindeer on it!)

This Michael Kors Belted Cardigan is the perfect fashion solution to keep you warm and looking fabulous. Wear over jeans, leggings or a maxi dress! Be sure your top is simple and fitted so the sweater takes center stage!


Kate Spade knows how to make simple special! Get inspired by this Matigale Bow Sweater and wear a look that will make you feel as special as you are! I love the sweater paired with a skirt of simple lines but it will also look fabulous with your best jeans!


If you prefer a classic look, a structured cardigan is lovely.  Instead of neutral, go for a vibrant color that enhances your mood like this Olympic Blue Pointelle Argyle Pattern Cardigan!  You’ll really stand out in family photos!  


Love more of a boho chic vibe? Wear a poncho!  The asymmetric shape of this Heidi Poncho is interesting and pairs well with your favorite skinny jeans!  Add a long statement necklace, like that shown in the picture, to dress up the look.  *A poncho is not recommended if you are cooking!



Three more tips to help you look great for a casual Christmas celebration:

1. Once you decide on which sweater style to wear, make sure your bottom compliments the look.  If the sweater is more fitted, your bottom can be full like an aline skirt or flare jeans.  If your sweater is full then pair with skinny jeans, a pencil skirt or leggings.


2. Wear statement jewelry: choose a ring, necklace or earrings but only one piece needs to make a statement.


3. Wear shoes, not slippers (at least for the majority of the day!). You’ll feel more dressed with shoes (it is a special day, afterall!).  Skip the flats and go for heels, you’ll look fabulous! 


Merry, Stylish Christmas!


Love & Hugs,


Silver & Red Candy Cane Nails

by Lindsey Holder December 20, 2011

Candy Cane Nails


Originally on our Remington Red Chair HOT LINKS for Candy Cane Nails, I was inspired to find a different version using another festive Holiday color…our friend SILVER.



Dani Taylor from Salon Beverly created this DYI  Red & Silver Candy Cane manicure. Let your nails be the star at your upcoming Holiday party!


1} Apply two coats of OPI Radiance


2} Select one nail on each hand to be your CANDY CANE  nail! Do simple white stripes on that nail with a white Nail Art {can be picked up at any beauty supply store like Sally’s


3}On the Candy Cane nail, go back and fill in smaller stripes with a RED nail art. Apply with a clear top and …VOILA.


Holiday. Nail. Perfection.

Faux Pas or Fashionably Fab: Festive Sweaters

by Kelly Glenn November 17, 2011

My favorite trend this winter isn’t for everyone – but I think you should totally give it a try.

Christmas sweaters

We’ve all attended them. Those ‘ugly sweater’ parties where everyone heads over to Goodwill or, heaven forbid, the far depths of your closet in search of the tackiest Christmas sweater likely knitted and gifted with love by your precious (and somewhat senile) grandmother.

Or far worse, that one perfect family who sends that absolutely delightful family Christmas card featuring a portrait of their said perfect family (dog included) in matching Christmas sweaters and blue jeans all smiling and looking (unnaturally) happy against a backdrop of fall trees or the sandy beach.

Tacky, right? But lately I’m obsessed with these sweaters. I want to wear them every day, in fact. And who doesn’t love a nice big comfy sweater? Pair it with a nice pair of wool leggings and some riding boots. Totally chic, right?

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