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6 New Years Beauty Resolutions to Keep This Year

by Kelly Glenn January 3, 2012

New Years

Yes! It's the time of the year to make resolutions.. I suppose you could make resolutions any time of the year but everyone seems to make them in the new year. Just TRY to find a treadmill at the gym come January 1st.


Is anyone else horrible at keeping resolutions? I'm that person who always breaks my resolutions after, like, a day. In fact, the only resolution I think I've ever kept was my cynical resolution last year: DO NOT make any ridiculous resolutions.


I toyed with the idea of making the same resolution this year --but instead I chose to challenge myself like everyone else and make some beauty-themed resolutions (I know, total beauty nerd) and share them with all of you. This year I resolve to:


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The Low Down on Vitamins in Your Skin Care!

by Lindsey Holder July 26, 2011

Vitamin C Power


Ladies (& men) spend a gazillion dollars each year on skincare. Do you know what the Vitamins in your eye cream, cleanser, serum, mask or moisturizer are good for? Each vitamin has specific functions and below is the low down on them all to keep healthy & resilient skin:



Vit A: Great for fine lines & wrinkles. Synthetic Vit A compounds (like Tretinoin) help treat acne conditions.


Vit B: Helps with moisture retention


Vit C: (L-Ascorbic acid) Remember..Vit C=Collagen! Vit C has the ability to enhance the synthesis of collagen. It also aids in repairing sun damage & discoloration (also good for dark circles). Vit C plays an important role in healing skin and is a GREAT antioxidant to help combat free radicals. So note that Vit C Repairs, Protects & Promotes healthy skin!


Vit D: Also known as the “sunshine” vitamin! It is formed in the body in part by interaction with the sun light and is also antioxidant.


Vit E: Powerful antioxidant that helps in repairing dry, rough skin. Vit E is used more & more now with preventing skin damage.


Vit K: Helps with spider veins & under eye dark circles. How so? Topical Vit K enters deep to the damaged capillary (or artery) to help clot the blood. This helps stop any seepage(usually the cause of dark circles) & allows the tissue to heal itself. Combine Vit K & Vit C for an extra power punch for dark circles!


 Take this handy cheat sheet with you the next time you make your next Fountain of Youth purchase!