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Are You a #BeardBoss?

by RemReadyMan June 1, 2014



Got what it takes to be a Beard Boss? Show us by posting your mustache or beard with #BeardBoss to Instagram or Twitter and you and a friend could win a trip to Portland, Oregon for the World Beard & Moustache Championships!

Every Friday from now until June 13th through August 29th, 2014 Remington will select a weekly winner to receive an exclusive Beard Boss Prize.

The 12 weekly winners qualify as finalists in the running to win the Grand Prize: A trip for two to the World Beard & Moustache Championship in Portland, Oregon on October 25, 2014.

The community will vote for the winner from September 1st through September 15th, 2014.

Go to to view entries and for more information. 


Good Luck!!


Lithium Power Series

by RemReadyMan January 27, 2014

Introducing the NEW Lithium Power Series. Remington's unique lithium batteries are long-lasting and drive more energy to the motor for maximum power and advanced precision.  Watch the video to see what sets lithium batteries apart, and follow this link to view the full line of Remington lithium powered shavers and trimmers.






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Tucking In Your Shirt: A Simple Guide

by Remington Ready October 14, 2013


Your shirt: should it be inside or outside of your pants? A vexing question indeed. The choice itself often has to do with the image you want to project. It should be self-evident that tucking your shirt in often gives off a cleaner, more professional look, while leaving it untucked projects a more carefree, laissez-faire attitude. There are however a few guidelines that, in most circumstances, should be followed.


If you’re wearing a tie, tuck your shirt in.

This is fairly obvious, yet some people feel that the “business in front, party below the waist” look can work. These people are wrong. Wearing a tie with an untucked shirt looks unusual at best, as the tie is supposed to drop right to your waistline. An untucked shirt obscures your waistline and inevitably makes your tie look too short. If you must untuck your shirt in a tie-wearing situation, say at a wedding where you are dancing up a sweat, then take off the tie. There is no reason to leave it on at this point.


If you’re wearing dress slacks, tuck in your shirt.

Similar to the tie, dress pants kind of necessitate that you tuck in your shirt. Dress pants look unusual with an untucked, button-down shirt. Those viewing your sartorial choice might ask, “why did he even bother wearing those nice pants if he won’t bother to tuck in his shirt?” An exception in this case can be made for a polo shirt, though it needs to be the perfect size to keep it from looking off while untucked.


If you’re wearing jeans, use sound judgment.

Jeans imply a casual nature, even designer jeans to a degree. Thus, you ought to do what looks best. This requires a mirror and a sound opinion (yours or otherwise). Tucking your shirt in with jeans can make you look sleek or make you look like you’re headed to a rodeo, so choose wisely.



If you’ve forgotten your belt, don’t tuck in your shirt.

This seems silly, but putting your beltless midsection on display will not go unnoticed. Open, naked belt loops just draw the eye. Older men in particular, for reasons unknown, will not hesitate to walk up to a complete stranger and ask them where their belt is. If you’re wearing a tie and have forgotten your belt, you’re in quite the pickle. We recommend losing the tie, and untucking your shirt, or keeping your jacket buttoned at all times to obscure the shameful fact that you forgot your belt.


If you’re wearing a sports jersey, don’t tuck it in.

Just don’t do it. It looks ridiculous. (Unless you’re actually playing an organized sport that requires it and the jersey is yours, not Bo Jackson’s.)


There you go. The glaringly obvious have been left off this brief guide as to avoid insulting your intelligence – things like don’t tuck in your sweater, don’t tuck things into your elastic waistband, etc. Of course, any rule can be broken. If they couldn’t, we’d likely be walking around with muttonchops, puffy blouses, and large buckles on our shoes to this day. Just be sure to look at yourself and ask, “am I really pulling this off? Really?” Never lie to yourself.

Top 10 Men’s Shoes for the Summer

by RemReadyMan July 15, 2013

Whether you’re headed for the beach or into the office, it’s time to get out and grab some new kicks for the rest of summer. Going for some color or something more versatile? Up your summer style with one of these new options!


Timberland Earthkeepers Hookset Handcrafted Fabric Oxford ($75.00)

Pair these with swim trunks for a day at the beach or some jeans for a night out during vacation. The Hookset will add some nautical flair to your look.



Toms Navy Canvas Men’s Paseos ($64.00)

It’s hard to find a more versatile sneaker that the Paseos. Simple, lightweight, and stylish, all while supporting a good cause.



Vans Canvas Authentic ($45.00)

A classic when it comes to a canvas shoe. With a ton of colors to choose from, go crazy with a bright color or subtle with a white or tan, the options are endless!



Sperry Authentic Original Boat Shoe ($85.00)

There’s a reason you’ve seen these before. A summer classic that you can dress up or down for nearly any occasion.



G.H Bass & Co. Pasadena Taupe ($79.00) Everyone needs a plain toe oxford in their closet. Match these with a pair of gray slacks to spice up your summer office attire.



H&M Leather Shoes ($69.95)

A classic looking dress shoe with some color. Pair your khakis with something other than black or brown and go blue!



Nike Free 5.0+ ($100.00)

Go for comfort for your summer work-out plan. Pick a color that suits your personality or customize your own, these lightweight runners can be seen on anyone.



Puma El Ace Perf Men’s Sneakers ($43.50)

The perforated leather lets your feet breathe on those hot days. A simple, California-styled sneaker that gives the right balance of comfort and personality.



Chaco Fathom Sandal ($60.00)

For the outdoorsy man. These aren’t your standard flip-flops, break the bank a little for a sandal that won’t leave your feet sore.



H&M Leather Flip-flops ($29.95)

Light and made of leather. Stay cool with these flip-flops while still dressing up a big. Perfect for a summer BBQ or beach party!




-by RemReadyMan