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Lithium Power Series

by RemReadyMan January 27, 2014

Introducing the NEW Lithium Power Series. Remington's unique lithium batteries are long-lasting and drive more energy to the motor for maximum power and advanced precision.  Watch the video to see what sets lithium batteries apart, and follow this link to view the full line of Remington lithium powered shavers and trimmers.






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MANstyle Review: WetTech

by RemReadyMan April 8, 2013




Hey guys and gals-


Jr. here, Men’s Style and Grooming Expert, to talk about the NEW Remington WetTech Rotary Shaver and Sensitive Shave Gel. The great part about this shaver is it can be used in or out of the shower, versatility at its best. The electric blue shaver is very light and the soft grip casing makes it easier to handle when it’s wet. The best thing about shaving in the in shower is, I dunno… everything? It doesn’t eat into your morning routine, the mirror makes it 10x easier to get a close, even shave, and lastly, combining it with the shave gel makes your skin incredibly smooth. Not to mention not having to worry about the mess, always looks like my sink grew a beard of it’s own when I’m done. I don’t think I’ll ever shave again without the Sensitive Shave Gel. My skin is always so smooth after using it, and… it doesn’t stink. Well, it does have a scent, but it’s very light and fresh. I spend way too much money on cologne to smell like I just walked out of an axe commercial. The shaver comes with a charging stand, so when all said and done, just drop it in the stand so you’re all set for the next shave. If you (or your man) prefers a close, smooth shave… I highly recommend picking up this shaver and shave gel combo.




Jr. of RemReadyMan





Beard Tamers: Review of 3 New Remington Electric Shavers

by Christian Zaguirre August 27, 2012


The only times in life that we do genuinely desire a close shave is when we're talking non-metaphorically. Just about every brand out there promises to shave us back to pre-puberty smoothness, but Remington is one of the few names that we know we can usually trust. So here at GearCulture, much to our wives and girlfriends' consternation, we allowed our facial hair to go wild in order to test three of Remington's latest electric offerings to see if they cut the mustard – and facial hair, obviously.



Remington F3 ($30)


The Smooth: Like cell phones, electric shavers have thankfully come a long way in terms of size and not to mention maneuverability. The F3 boasts an independent flexing foil and pivoting neck which should ensure that it covers every contour of your face, and the speedy motor means a cleaner shave with less passes. Less passes means less irritation, which is not only great for those with sensitive skin, but it'll save you a fortune in moisturizer too.


The Stubble: Though the flex and pivot feature should have covered each and every contour, it didn't. Points are lost because it struggled around the neck and jaw lines, and there were a few stragglers left behind. The battery takes 16 hours to recharge too, which is not ideal if you're late for work.


The Final Verdict: For 30 bucks, you can't fault the F3 too much. Even though there were a few missed whiskers, the shave was close and smooth.




Remington F4 ($40)


The Smooth: All the features of the F3, with a cherry on top, the Remington F4 comes equipped with a pair of independent floating cutting heads which are extremely precise and hold the lines of the face admirably, definitely out-performing the F3 around the jaw.


The Stubble: The battery only lasts for a half hour which means lots or recharging, and though the shaver handled shorter whiskers well, it did miss a few of the longer hairs about the neck.


The Final Verdict: It's better than the F3, but personally we'd rather splash that extra bit of cash on the F5 (below). Ten dollars gets you a whole lot more.




Remington F5 ($50)


The Smooth: The F5's battery is by far the best of the three, and even Remington has undersold themselves here. They claim it takes a couple of hours to fully charge, but we always hit optimum energy in less than two. The built-in Interceptor Shaving Technology – that's the trimming blade for longer hair – ensured that no hairs were missed and that the shave was without a doubt the smoothest out of the three.


The Stubble: There's a five minute quick charge which is ideal for touch-ups, but needs to be longer for that motor to be whizzing at full capacity.


The Final Verdict: The absolute daddy of the Remington F series, even with a few days' worth of beard growth, the F5 delivers a smooth shaving experience and doesn't miss a hair. Fully charged, it'll even run for a whole hour which makes it ideal for those always on the go. F5? High Five!



Christian Zaguirre is the founder and curator of GearCulture, an online gear magazine for guys.