It is officially the season of l.o.v.e. Whether you actively participate in Valentine’s Day or not, there are so many ways to get in the holiday spirit! Today I will be showing you my favorite Valentine’s Day inspired hairstyles with curls.



Whenever I think of Valentine’s Day, I think of a classic, elegant style. I think deep reds,and big curls. One of the biggest problems I run into when getting ready is deciding what to do with my hair. I almost always dress up, so I want my hair to compliment my outfit and not take center stage. These three hairstyles are simple enough to do just that, all while still creating a romantic, put together ensemble.



Style 1:

This first style is the quintessential Valentine’s Day look & the best part is that it is beyond easy to create. All you need for this style is freshly curled hair and a hair clip. 



Once you’ve curled your hair, take a section of hair and pin that up to the side and towards the back. I usually twist my hair up and back once to give a little volume and help secure the look.

This asymmetrically look is so simple and romantic! It’s perfect for a fancy Valentine’s dinner or really any formal occasion.  You can dress this look up even more with a delicate barrette or hairpin.





Style 2:

Like I said earlier, I love to dress up and curl my hair for Valentine’s Day, but you never want to be that girl that is clearly going way to hard for dinner or a movie. This second look is casual but still put together—perfect for those more laidback dates.  



Start by curling your hair in loose waves. Once you have this finished, separate the top half of your hair into a high ponytail. The curled ponytail gives your hair a more textured, waterfall effect.  It is the quintessential “casual, yet chic” look. No one will be questioning your cute curls in this style! 




Style 3:

When I was in high school I used to be obsessed with low buns. As I grew up and styles changed, the low, messy bun was replaced by the high sock bun. Recently, the former has been making a comeback and I find myself rocking this style more and more.



I start this off by curling my hair. Now, you can definitely do this without curling your hair, but if you’re going for a romantic, “artfully messy” look, curling your hair first is key! 





Then, I pin back a section of my hair on each side. This allows you to decide how your hair will frame your face. Whether you like it pulled back and tight or loose and teased, this first step allows you to make that decision.


 After the front sections of my hair are secure, I gather my hair up into a relative bun and secure that. I like my low buns to be loose and artfully messy, so after everything is secure I slowly loosen up sections of my bun to give a more textured look. Here is where curling your hair before is particularly important. If a few pieces fall out here and there, they are still curled. This gives the look added elegance, without seeming too manicured!