Hello lads-


Let’s face it; money is tight these days. Majority of Americans don’t have a lot of extra spending cash now, but Remington® seriously offers exceptional products at competitive prices… I actually think our prices are pretty amazing.


You have the tools to clean up nicely, now let MANstyle help you find your looks for less. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that spending 300 bucks on a sweater when you can essentially get the same thing for $30, is moronic. I mean, come on… guys don’t even take the best care of their clothes… at least I don’t and I love clothes.  Why spend that much when it’s just going to get trashed? Save yourself a couple bennys, and indulge elsewhere, life is too short to be spending it on materialistic things.


And ladies... Keep this in mind for great gift ideas!


- Jr. of RemReadyMan