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MANstyle Look for Less

by RemReadyMan March 4, 2013

Hello lads-


Let’s face it; money is tight these days. Majority of Americans don’t have a lot of extra spending cash now, but Remington® seriously offers exceptional products at competitive prices… I actually think our prices are pretty amazing.


You have the tools to clean up nicely, now let MANstyle help you find your looks for less. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize that spending 300 bucks on a sweater when you can essentially get the same thing for $30, is moronic. I mean, come on… guys don’t even take the best care of their clothes… at least I don’t and I love clothes.  Why spend that much when it’s just going to get trashed? Save yourself a couple bennys, and indulge elsewhere, life is too short to be spending it on materialistic things.


And ladies... Keep this in mind for great gift ideas!


- Jr. of RemReadyMan

Faux Pas or Fashionably Fab: Festive Sweaters

by Kelly Glenn November 17, 2011

My favorite trend this winter isn’t for everyone – but I think you should totally give it a try.

Christmas sweaters

We’ve all attended them. Those ‘ugly sweater’ parties where everyone heads over to Goodwill or, heaven forbid, the far depths of your closet in search of the tackiest Christmas sweater likely knitted and gifted with love by your precious (and somewhat senile) grandmother.

Or far worse, that one perfect family who sends that absolutely delightful family Christmas card featuring a portrait of their said perfect family (dog included) in matching Christmas sweaters and blue jeans all smiling and looking (unnaturally) happy against a backdrop of fall trees or the sandy beach.

Tacky, right? But lately I’m obsessed with these sweaters. I want to wear them every day, in fact. And who doesn’t love a nice big comfy sweater? Pair it with a nice pair of wool leggings and some riding boots. Totally chic, right?

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