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Buying Your Father a Holiday Gift

by RemReadyMan December 16, 2013


Fathers are impossible. That is not an exaggeration and it’s not hyperbolic, it’s simply a fact. 


Your father will not wear that scarf that you thought went well with the coat that he refuses to stop wearing; your father does not like that microbrew, or any microbrew for that matter, he likes something else; your father will not like those gloves that you looked at and thought would make for sturdy shoveling gear; he will not use that drill bit for some reason; he will not wear that hat under any circumstance; he does not want whatever that doohickey is.  


Your father will not like that putter, regardless of your accompanying magazine article included in the card that refers to it as, “The Putting Revolution.” He will not put it in his golf bag. He hates that putter and likes the one he’s been using for the last seven years just fine, thank you very much. 


Here’s how you buy your father a gift: think of something he loved once and then kind of forgot about or no longer has time to enjoy. When he was a younger, what did he love? Did he love Corvettes? Did he love sailing? Did he love golden retrievers? Did he love the circus? Did he love aviation? Did he love Tommy James and the Shondells (“Crimson and Clover”)? Did he love stamps that featured Dwight D. Eisenhower? 


This isn’t saying buy him a sports car, a boat, a dog, or the rarest-available stamp involving former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. It’s to say that a gift that acts to remind him of the things he loved when he was younger is thoughtful, and more importantly, thought provoking. Dads like to be reminded of things such as this. Think about that and you will not come up empty-handed. 


And then pair it, with THIS REMINGTON SHAVER. Because, in my experience, if fathers love anything, it’s a modern, powerful shaver that can replace the one they’ve been using for seven years. 


This shaver will be put in the golf bag. 

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Holiday Gifts for Her

by Remington Ready December 10, 2012

As the holidays rapidly approach, you may find yourself fresh out of gift ideas for your mom, best friend, or girlfriend. There is nothing worse than feeling stressed out around the holidays, so here are a few gift ideas for that special woman in your life.



1. iPhone Case - A girl can never have too many iPhone cases. For protection and an adorable pattern, you can’t go wrong. The website, has thousands of prints available as iPhone cases or skins. 



2. Turnlock Checkbook Wallet - This classic wallet is adorable with a turn-lock ornament on the front. It will hold everything a girl could need, and fits snuggly in her bag. 



3. A.V. Max Wire Word Bracelet – This delicate “Love” bracelet is the perfect gift for that special girl in your life. It comes in “Love”, “Believe”, and “Dream”. 



4. Half-Dozen Egg Crate - For the girl with tons of jewelry? This stoneware egg crate is perfect for all of those small pieces. It will organize and keep all of her jewelry safe, and will look great sitting on her vanity!



5. Draped Sequin Tee - This sequin knit top is the ideal holiday party top. It will keep your favorite girl warm and stylish all winter long. 



6. Xhilaration Pajama Set - A new pajama set is a classic holiday gift. This charming pattern makes for a great gift for any girl.



7. Two-Toned Leather Tablet Case - Is a girl in your life getting a tablet for the holidays? Complete the gift with this two-toned leather tablet case. It comes in this purple/navy combination, and four other colors. 



8. Aerie Marled Faux Fur Snood - Faux fur is all the rage. This scarf is reversible with a knit pattern on one side, and faux fur on the other. Warm and so chic!  



9. Holiday 15-Piece Nail Polish Set - This limited edition Holiday 15-piece Nail Polish Set has every winter nail color a girl could need. Extra bonus – the price is unbeatable! 



10. Tartan Mug Set - This seasonal mug set has such a sweet pattern that is ideal for the holiday season. You could even complete the gift with a package of your favorite cocoa or coffee. 


Unique Father's Day Gifts

by Remington Ready June 13, 2012

As Father’s day approaches, the same question comes up every year. What new and creative gift should I get? What can I get that will be better than the previous years? We all know how difficult it can be to buy a gift for our fathers. There’s the tech savvy dads, sports loving, hunters, outdoorsy, and the list goes on. We have created a list of hopefully some new and clever gifts ideas for this father’s day that can trump previous years, not hurt your wallet, and make this day a special one.



Handyman: Some dads spend all of their time in the garage working with tools and constantly trying to find something to fix. If your father is the fix everything himself, handy man type we found just the perfect simple gift, tool pens. We found these pens designed as different hammers, screws etc. This can be the perfect addition to a toolbox or workshop that is inexpensive and shows your father just how well you know him.



Outdoors/Family Man: There will always be a group of dads who love enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer and spending quality time with family and friends on camping trips. This year instead of just sitting around a campfire, we found a great outdoors board game. This camp board game is an easy way to bring fun anywhere you go. It is water proof and is designed with questions for all ages so everyone can participate and join in on the fun.



Sports Fanatic: If you’re dad is the type that loves a good Sunday afternoon at home with a sporting game on and a beer, we found just the right gift. This is one that you could say is definitely unique and will be a gift to remember. The universal “Remote + Bottle Opener”, it is a TV remote that will work for all TV’s and has the bottle opener built into the remote. Sounds dangerous but this could be the perfect gift for a man cave and could possibly be the only thing tool he will need on one of those Sunday afternoons.



Tech Savvy: It seems these days that technology is ever-changing and there are constantly new and different products every day. If you’re dad is the type that always wants the newest gadget we have found a great gift for this year. The “Smart Talk Solar Hands-Free Accessory”, this product mounts to the windshield of a vehicle so the solar panel can face the glass. This will keep the battery charged and will allow extended talk time. Phone calls can be answered by the press of a large button or by voice with smart phones. Keep your father safe on the roads and up to date with technology this father’s day.


Now, if your dad is a bit more traditional a new shaver or a groomer might do the trick.  Check out our Father's Day featured products on and take 25% OFF with the promo code: DAD25 (expires 6/17/2012).


Happy Father's Day!

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Christmas gifts for your BFF $25 or less

by Lindsey Holder December 13, 2011

Fabulous Christmas finds for your friends can be grueling in itself. Finding the perfect gift $25 or less? A challenge I am up to!


Here are my FIVE Holiday gift recommends for your BFF this year!

FIVE Holiday gift recommends for your BFF


1} Nails Inc. London:  $25 (special Holiday price)
This 3 piece sparkly set includes silver, gold and purple tones. Glittery holiday nails are the ultimate accessory to any chic party outfit!


2}Frenchi Waffle Knit Infinity Scarf: $22
A box from Nordstrom will put a smile on any BFF when they are presented their gift! This chunky warm waffle knit scarf is available in rich seasonal colors of Rust Marsala, Black, Olive burnt, Blue Moroccan and Camel.


3}The Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins $17.99
Nothing like a good book to connect with a friend about. My BFF would NOT stop talking about this book & has officially got me hooked! Talking about the characters, plot and upcoming movie (yay!) are ideal lunch convo. And plus, it’s reading….LOVE!


4}Skinnygirl White Cranberry Cocktail (21 Years or older): $13.99
Thank you Bethenny Frankel {link:} for allowing us to have a cocktail and still fit into our skinny jeans!  With 100 calories per 4 ounce serving, this makes THE perfect girlfriend gift! Super cute packaging that looks like a gift in itself!


5}Movie Tickets: $25
What better way to spend the afternoon than with a friend at the movies? Upcoming friend friendly flicks are New Year’s Eve (perfect Holiday timing!) Hunger Games (duh!) ( Snow White & the Huntsman (can’t WAIT!)