We’ve been in this situation far too often: your work life and your social life are making time tight. You’re meeting people after work for dinner; you’re going on a date; you’re heading to a 5:30pm showing of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. You don’t have time to go home, your office doesn’t have a full-blown ladies’ locker room, and changing outfits in a car or in a public bathroom is just…not good.


What to do? Trick yourself into thinking you have changed!




1. Wear a hot top that you love, but wear it with a sweater or a cardigan. No one judges people in cardigans. It just is not done. (Then ditch it for the evening.)


2. Bring a second pair of shoes. New shoes equal new outfit.


3. Tie your hair up tight for the workday, then let it all come soaring out in a scene of glory. Imagine Rita Hayworth while you do this.


These three quick steps that allow you to feel like you’ve changed will make you intrinsically feel like you have changed, because you have actually changed! (Albeit slightly.) That’s the whole point: sweater gone – hot top on; galoshes gone – pink stilettos on; and, the coup de grace, “Gilda, are you decent?” It’s totally worth pulling that last move in front of anyone, FYI. It’s all so unbelievably easy, you’ll ask, “why didn’t I just think of that myself instead of being in such a touch-and-go mood all day because I tried to ride the fine line between looking professional and looking beautiful and, in doing so, I inadvertently got on Carol’s case about something insignificant that isn’t due until February?”


Don’t take it out on Carol. In fact, share these tips with Carol and then everyone can stop taking it out on everyone else. Except Tim, because that guy really needs to start carrying his weight.