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Bring It! Great Maternity Style

by Tammy Gibson September 2, 2011

Take A Pregnant Pause and rethink your fashion

KK met with LA Stylist Mom, Bethany Winters in early August to discuss the hardships of dressing a pregnant body. If you’ve been pregnant, you know that it’s pretty easy to feel frumpy when your body is growing rounder. KK refuses to give up her sense of style and in her profession as a high-end stylist, she can’t, even on days when she feels like giving in!

Bethany sat down with KK and talked about this dilemma!

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6 Beauty Must-Haves for Back-to-School

by Kelly Glenn August 31, 2011



Back To School

It’s that time of year again, and while I can’t guarantee you’ll ace quantum physics and OChem – I can give you the 411 on Beauty 101 so you will at least look your best while you hardly study study hard.


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Picture Day Hairstyles for Girls

by Tammy Gibson August 26, 2011

Back To School Hairstyles with Wrap to Waves Styler and the Pearl Styling Wand


It’s back-to-school time and with that, picture day will be coming soon! If you like for your daughter to go with a special look on picture day, try these looks compliments of Remington Styling Tools!


The first style is created with the Wraps to Wave Styler!


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Save the Roosters! Introducing Alternative Synthetic Feather Extensions

by Tammy Gibson July 29, 2011


LockStarz Synthetic Feather Extensions


With the Popularity of Feather Hair Extensions, Hair Royalty created a new Line of Hair Extension Products called LockStarz.  After finding out more than 1,500 Roosters were being killed weekly at one USA farm alone, Hair Royalty decided to create an alternative.

In order to curve the Animal Cruelty and supply a market with major shortages of the “real rooster” feather, Hair Royalty has seen a major increase in Alternative Rooster feather hair extension sales.


They have designed a humane, cruelty-free and environment friendly alternative. They commissioned an animal cruelty free and humane manufacturing partner to create a “grizzly rooster pattern” hair extension.  These are made from a hybrid synthetic hair extension.  A great alternative to the killing of roosters, don’t you think?


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The Low Down on Vitamins in Your Skin Care!

by Lindsey Holder July 26, 2011

Vitamin C Power


Ladies (& men) spend a gazillion dollars each year on skincare. Do you know what the Vitamins in your eye cream, cleanser, serum, mask or moisturizer are good for? Each vitamin has specific functions and below is the low down on them all to keep healthy & resilient skin:



Vit A: Great for fine lines & wrinkles. Synthetic Vit A compounds (like Tretinoin) help treat acne conditions.


Vit B: Helps with moisture retention


Vit C: (L-Ascorbic acid) Remember..Vit C=Collagen! Vit C has the ability to enhance the synthesis of collagen. It also aids in repairing sun damage & discoloration (also good for dark circles). Vit C plays an important role in healing skin and is a GREAT antioxidant to help combat free radicals. So note that Vit C Repairs, Protects & Promotes healthy skin!


Vit D: Also known as the “sunshine” vitamin! It is formed in the body in part by interaction with the sun light and is also antioxidant.


Vit E: Powerful antioxidant that helps in repairing dry, rough skin. Vit E is used more & more now with preventing skin damage.


Vit K: Helps with spider veins & under eye dark circles. How so? Topical Vit K enters deep to the damaged capillary (or artery) to help clot the blood. This helps stop any seepage(usually the cause of dark circles) & allows the tissue to heal itself. Combine Vit K & Vit C for an extra power punch for dark circles!


 Take this handy cheat sheet with you the next time you make your next Fountain of Youth purchase!




DIY At-Home Pedicure: Quick and Simple Sandal-Ready Feet for Summer!

by Kelly Glenn July 6, 2011

DIY Pedicure


It’s summertime ladies, and you know what that means: it’s time to get our twinkle toes in tip top shape!

Now I know not everyone has the time (or money) to spend on a luxury spa pedicure, especially with all those beach picnics, concerts in the park and backyard barbecues you have scheduled this season. So I put together some of my favorite tips for the ultimate spa soft feet at home, all you need is a few essentials and you’re ready to rock those sleek summer sandals.

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10 Must-Have Beauty and Style Apps for iPad 2

by Kelly Glenn June 22, 2011



Getting a brand new iPad 2 a week before college finals and graduation.. that’s bad! Finally being able to use it once I’m finished (after having my roomie hide it for the week): that’s awesome! Needless to say I COULD-NOT-WAIT to scour the app store for the latest and greatest style, beauty and fashion apps. After hours upon hours of researching (read:playing) I’ve come up with a list of my top ultimate 10 must-have favorite apps (aside from Angry Birds and Fashion Story, which are insanely addicting btw!) that are totally worth checking out:


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Mermaid Hair Inspired By Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean 4

by Kelly Glenn May 25, 2011


Mermaids from Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean 4


The newest installment of the wildly popular Pirates of the Caribbean franchise called ‘On Stranger Tides’ made its way into theaters last week. The film stars Johnny Depp and the gorgeous Penelope Cruz, who didn’t let expecting her first child bring her down from filming the movie. In fact, Penelope’s look-a-like sister filled in as a body double.


But in my opinion the real stars of Pirates 4 were the mermaids. The ichthyic femme fatales were no ‘Little Mermaid’. Gorgeous, sexy and vicious, these ethereal beings were a picture of beauty and totally fierce, too!


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Welcome to Remington Ready!

by Remington Ready May 15, 2011

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